A Message from Our President

A Message from Our President

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Bob Elias Kern County Sports Hall of Fame. I wish to welcome you to our 52nd Anniversary Celebration Dinner. Tonight, we will add four new honorees to the list of distinguished recipients, bringing the total enrolled in the Hall of Fame to 217. Tonight, as in the past, we have a great dinner and an excellent program planned for our annual banquet.

We feel it fitting each year to honor and congratulate local athletes of past and present, and other sports personalities of Kern County. We sincerely wish to thank all of you here this evening for your support and attendance. We wish to preserve the many achievements of the sports figures in our area.

Thank you again for attending our banquet this evening

Chad Manning
Bob Elias Kern County Sports Hall of Fame


Chad Manning President

Bob Hampton First Vice President

Jeff Showers Secretary

Gary Hoetker Treasurer


  • Tom Anchordoquy
  • Sean Barker

  • Wes Bradford

  • Bob Covey

  • Charles Craig

  • Ed Dorsey

  • Nick Ellis

  • Jeff Evans

  • Steve Faulk

  • Roger Fessler

  • Gary S. Fussel, Sr.

  • Angelo Haddad

  • Bill Ver Huel

  • Rich Kellenberger

  • Greg Kerr

  • Mike Keese

  • Howdy Miller

  • Dr. Joseph Nunez

  • John Pavletich

  • Mike Ornelaz

Directors Emeriti

* Deceased

  • Merv Alexander *
  • Don Barkley *
  • Gil Bishop *
  • Les Carpenter *
  • Gerald Congdon *
  • David Fanucchi *
  • Doug Finley
  • Charles Graviss
  • Don Harrison *
  • Don Hart *
  • Moss Henken *
  • Russ Kniffen
  • Cliff Loader *
  • Earle Gibbons *
  • Herb Loken *
  • Harold Matlock *
  • Pat Mills
  • Woody Morrison
  • Dave Parker *
  • Larry Press
  • Herman Riese *
  • Don Robesky *
  • Richard Russell
  • Fred Strickler, Sr. *
  • Harold Taber, Jr.
  • Ralph Zellers *