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Kathy Long


Inducted February 15th, 1996

Kathy Long, a Bakersfield resident for 10 years, starting in 1982, brings a new sport, martial arts, into the Bob Elias Hall of Fame. With a background in ju jitsu, aikido and kung fu-san zoo, Long tried her first kick-boxing match after only 1- days of instruction in basic boxing in a Bakersfield gym. The result of that first match was that the -5-, 125-pound Long bested a woman 65 pounds heavier and found that she took to the new discipline naturally. To hone her skills, she had sparring sessions against men. Long;s skill brought her nation and whorl championships in kung fu, kick- boxing (5-time world champion) and karate, and in 1991, she was named Woman-of-the-Year in the Black Belt Hall of Fame. Long's skill and appearance attracted the attention of film makers and she made her debut on the big screen in 1991 as stuntwoman for Michelle Pfeiffer in "Batman Returns." That opened the doors to other films in which Long had featured roles, capped by the lead in "King's Road" and "The Cyborg Killer." She also has worked with Chuck Norris in the "Walker, Texas Ranger" television series.