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Natalie Dunn Fries


Inducted February 1978

Perhaps the best-known figure in the history of roller skating. Reached pinnacle by winning World Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Rome, and repeating in Montreal, capping a brilliant career which started when she was barely old enough to walk. Miss Dunn’s graceful prowess on the wooden wheels has earned her national newspaper, magazine and television acclaim. Born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1956, and schooled in Bakersfield, she came into her sport naturally, as her parents are roller rink operators who started her skating at age 4 ½. Captured first national title in 1965... the U.S. Paris, and since has represented this country in various international competitions. Considered the world over, as the best ladies freestyle skater, her ability and charisma cast her as the perfect good-will ambassador for her sport and for Bakersfield. Burl Mulkey Born in Clyde Idaho and raise din upper Snake River Country near Salmon, Idaho. Won third place in bronc riding in first rodeo at Odgen Utah, in 1928. Won top awards during 17 years career at such rodeos as Pendleton, Cheyenne, Madison Square Garden, Fort Worth and numerous others. World’s champion bronc rider in 1937 and 1938. World's champion All-Around cowboy in 1938. Roped and bulldogged in addition to bronc riding. Became a charter member of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City in 1965. Became a resident of Kern County in 1954. Wife Marian, daughter Myra. Resides in Lake Isabella area, near Onyx.